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Drawing of Voile strap threaded through aluminum buckle
Drawing of Voile Strap attached to aluminum buckle
Full length view of XXL 32" Voile Strap
Size chart of Voile straps highlighting the XXL 32" Voile Strap
Front view of Voile Strap
$ 9.00

Voile Strap XXL 32"

More sturdy than a standard Voile strap - the XXL is a rock-solid solution for strapping down bulky items. Made from semi-stretchy polyurethane rubber with an aluminum buckle, this strap can be cinched tight and will not loosen nor stretch over time. The XXL is ~40% stronger than a standard Voile(tm) strap.

Appropriate for strapping on rolls, sleeping pads, bags, and more with diameter up to 10". Recommended for use with the McClure front harness (and included in the McClure Harness Kit).   


  • Length: 32" 
  • Width: 1"
  • Adjustable range: ?? 
  • Weight: 72g (2.5oz)