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Side view of Defiant Pack black/mocha Pearl Pass Seatbag Small
Rear view of black/mocha Pearl Pass Seat Bag Small
Side view of black/mocha Pearl Pass Seatbag Small on bike
Pearl Pass Seatbag Small
Grey Defiant Pack Pearl Pass Seatbag Small
$ 124.95

Pearl Pass Seatbag Small

Perfect for your next ride. The Pearl Pass seatbag will carry your repair kit, extra clothing, and much more. Designed to meet the needs of overnight bikepacking. This bag is also great for providing extra capacity for any ride. Fully designed and sewn in Colorado with top quality materials.


  • External plastic reinforcement provides structural support to the bag and acts as a skid plate to prevent bag/tire contact.
  • Rubberized contact with seat tube improves performance.
  • Stiffening at opening keeps access easy.
  • 'Over the top' strap is removable and can be affixed to the bottom of the bag or the opening.
  • Cam-lock buckles for attaching to the seat struts.
  • Velcro straps for seatpost attachment: 1 strap


(All Pearl Pass Sizes)

  • Unrolled length: 20”
  • Length with 3 rolls: 15”
  • Opening Diameter: 7”
  • Material Re-inforcement: Vinyl
  • Matieral Bag: VX21 Fabric Laminate
  • Material Seatpost interface: 1050d Ballistic Nylon
  • Weight:  10oz (300g)


  • Minimum required exposed seatpost: 3”
  • Clearance under seat (MAX – fully packed) : 6”
  • Volume with 3 closure rolls: 10L