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Side view of red Malamute Seatbag Harness
Display of all components of Malamute Seat bag Harness: Seat post, black harness, and red seat bag
Defiant Pack Malamute Harness
$ 174.95

Malamute Seatbag Harness

Bikepacking seatbag and harness with anti-sway bar and our best bag-bike interface yet. Fine-tune your system with our purchase options. 

Malamute products will ship within 2 weeks of order. We primarily have 27.2mm seatpost clamps and limited quantity of 30.9 & 31.6 clamps. Harness only will ship faster than harness with bag.   

Key Features: 

  • 1lb total weight
  • Aluminum strut and seatpost clamp for increased rigidity
  • Harness design to allow removal of the bag
  • Rubber Voile straps for seatpost attachment
  • New bag design is more water resistant and spacious than previous models. 

  • Purchase options: 

  • Full kit: Harness and bag
  • Harness only (use it with your existing seatbag or a drybag): Includes harness, strut, and clamp 
  • Seatpost Clamp: for seatpost diameters 27.2, 30.9, and 31.6
  •  Strut: standard length 16" is also compatible with Pearl Pass bags. We can also cut custom lengths 8" - 18"
  • Bag colors: Black, Grey, White, Yellow, Red, Camo
  • At this time bags are being made to order - just add a note to your order and we'll build what you want.  


  • Unrolled length: 23"
  • Length with 3 rolls: 19"
  • Opening Diameter: 11"
  • Material Bag: VX21 Fabric Laminate
  • Material Seatpost Interface: Vinyl
  • Volume with 3 closure rolls: 11.75L
  • Weight Bag: 4.8oz (136g)
  • Weight Harness: 10.5oz (298g)