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Frame Bag Pattern Instructions

If a custom frame bag is what you are looking for, here are the instructions for creating a pattern for us...

Option #1: Follow directions for taking a photo 


Option #2: Instructions for Creating a Frame Pattern

Templates can seem intimidating at first but it’s not as hard as one would think. When all was said and done, my first template took about 10 minutes and that included finding the materials! So here we go.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Piece of paper, card stock, or cardboard
  • Ball point pen, pencil, or Ultra fine Sharpie to mark the inside of your frame. (A fat point Sharpie will reduce the precision that we strive for.) 
  • Scotch/masking tape
  • Tape measure/ruler
  • Piece of string (or tailoring tape measure) for measuring frame tube circumference.

Note: The "frame pattern" you are sending us is used to make another pattern for the bag. It is easiest for us if it is made of paper/card stock. (It will also cost you less to mail it!) For hard tails: Cut out to match the inside of your frame. For full suspension: Leave it un-cut because we need to reference the top of the top-tube. (See images below for reference.)

 Step #1: What to do for all frames

  • Tape the piece of paper to the non-driveside side of the frame so that it encompasses the entire front triangle and top of top tube. (Ensure that paper isn’t wavy on bike.) Make sure the paper goes above the top tube if you have a full suspension bike.
  • Hold pen flat against frame and start tracing the inside of the frame and the top of the top tube.
  • Mark frame features:
    • While looking perpendicular to the frame draw a line & “B” at the location of bottle screw holes
    • Mark single ‘X’ at locations of braze-ons for cable guides.
    • Mark multiple X’s at locations where Velcro can NOT wrap around the frame
      • Bottle screw holes on the bottom of the down tube
      • Front derailleur attachment clamp
      • Seat post angled supports on the top tube (Becoming increasingly common – not just on Surly’s) 
    • Head tube distance:
      • Measure from the back of the head tube: measure and mark 6”

      • Tube circumferences
        • Measure the circumference and widths of all tubes. (Measure in multiple places for tubes that change size.) Denote circumferences with “5.5inCIR” and the width “W1.6in”
        • We prefer inches, but can also read mm. We can also convert from diameters. Please use the same units in all places! Indicate IN or MM.




      Continue if you have a full suspension:

      • Make sure you traced the top of the top tube
      • Identify the location of the shock air can. Mark lines to indicate the extent of where Velcro can wrap the outside of the shock air can (This is the larger diameter part of the shock – not the small one that slides in and out.)
      • Identify and trace rear profile of bag for compressed suspension.
        • Check to see what direction the suspension moves – if it moves into the bag space:
          • Identify how deep into the bag space it goes (looking at the length and rotational path of the suspension linkage will give you many clues.)
          • If necessary, you can let the air out of the suspension and compress it to figure it out.

        And you’re done!!! Please send us a picture of your bike as well. No bike is created equal and it can help us fully visualize the bike that the bag is going on. Plus we take a lot of pride in our creations and would love to see yours!

        Step #2: Purchase your frame bag through our website *
        Custom Zipperless Frame Bags

        Include any relevant information in the "Notes" section when placing your order online.

        Step #3: Mail us the pattern

        USPS, UPS or Fedex your pattern to:

        Defiant Pack
        2557 Dolores Way
        Carbondale, CO 81623

        * If you prefer the old-fashioned way... Mail us a check with your pattern and send us an email with relevant information:


        Please include the following information in your email:

        • A picture of your frame
        • Your name
        • Phone number and email
        • Bike's brand, model, frame size, and model year 
        • Color requests if applicable
        • Any other notes  

        * Make checks payable to Defiant Pack for $175.00 (Cost of bag + shipping.)