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Back view of McClure Front Harness and Bag Kit
All components of the of McClure Front Harness and bag kit shown separately
McClure Front Harness attached to handlebars with bag shown separately
Handlebars shown with detached McClure Front Harness and grey bag
$ 124.95

McClure Front Harness & Bag Kit

The McClure Front Harness & Bag Kit is our go-to front harness system. Designed and tested in colaboration with the Colorado Trail Race, this system is rock-solid and ready for your next adventure. Sold as a complete kit including:

  • Harness
  • Two 32" XXL Voile straps
  • McClure bag, and accessory straps

(or purchase any of the components separately) 


Designed for versatility - the harness can be integrated with 3/4" webbing straps, voile straps, and the front bag. The harness is made from vinyl with side sleeves and attachments for straps. Vinyl offers excelent protection between your headtube and your drybag. Attach it to your head tube and handlebar with included velcro. (And you might not ever bother to remove it!) Double sided One-Wrap(tm) is long enough for most head tubes, or cut it in half and attach strap to the two fork arms. 

Front Bag: 

Strap it onto the front of your handlebar roll, The McClure front bag is a simple roll top bag designed to carry the extras in an easy access location. We particuarly like it for carrying the delicate items that are prone to crushing and abuse when placed in framebags and the like. Also includes a small internal zipper pocket - good for organizing small stuff. The front bag is easily removable with buckles. You can also adjust it's position so that it is up high and easy to reach, or down low and below your headlight beam.

Complete Kit Specs:  

  • Strap Width: 6" width designed for straight, drop, and H bar handlebars (We also have a 3" width version for riser bars, just make a note in your order.)
  • Weight: 13oz (369g)
  • Max drybag/stuffsack Diameter: 10"  

(note: drybag not included)

 Specs Harness Only: 

  • Does not include Voile Straps or front bag - order them separately. 
  • Includes: Strap set with ITW cam buckles for up to 7" diameter roll
  • Weight: 3.8oz (108g)
  • Width: 8"

Specs Front Bag Only: 

  • Width: 8"
  • Height rolled/unrolled: 9"/12"
  • Volume: 3.5L
  • Weight: 5oz (142g)
  • Material: Dimensional Polyant VX21 Nylon

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