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Back side of Defiant Pack white frame bag with flap open
Front side of Defiant Pack white frame bag with flap open
MultiCam Defiant Pack custom frame bag
Grey full suspension Defiant Pack custom frame bag
Black Defiant Pack custom frame bag
White Camo Defiant Pack custom frame bag
Red Defiant Pack custom frame bag
Custom Zipperless Frame Bags
$ 169.95

Custom Zipperless Frame Bags

Custom bags are designed specifically to fit your bike. Maximize the space between your legs and leave the backpack behind. Our custom design features an internal pocket for small items, and a flap closure system which eliminates future broken zippers. Plastic stiffening and screw-mounting allows a clean look and reduces rubbing against the frame. Choose from a variety of colors.

Price: $169.95 for most bags... +$10 for XL frames, +$5 for camo fabric

* Custom bags can take up to 2 weeks for delivery from the time we receive the frame pattern.

Standard Features: 

  • Bull nose design with a wide nose and narrow rear to maximize bag volume
  • Zipperless flap opening with single hand buckle closure on right/drive side
  • Internal flap side pocket (One or two compartments depending on frame size)
  • Internal compression straps as needed to keep the bag streamlined
  • Vinyl for high wear fabric against the frame for durability
  • Hydration hose pass-through and bottom drain hole
  • Screw mount plate and reinforced Velcro attachments to frame

Basic Options 

  • Mount style: The default style is bolt-on attachment with reinforced Velcro straps as needed, you can request all Velcro when placing an order
  • Primary fabric (Color) of bag: VX42 White, VX42 Black, VX21 Grey, VX21 Red, X50 White MultiCam (+$5), X50 MultiCam (+$5)
  • Vinyl center strip (Color Center Strip): Black, Blue, Orange



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