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Hi all - Kevin here with the inside scoop on design work and evolution of our bags.  Including some existing features and new ones we've been testing that are very quickly falling into our production line.  

Defiant Pack Framebag

Elastic closure strap:  New V shaped elastic closure strap: we are precisely calculating the distance around the top tube to get a consistent amount of stretch in the closure strap. No more dangling cinch strap that needs to be tucked in. Bag closure is always snug, and never needs adjusting. two thumbs up from everyone.

Partial Hard side panels and bag width: removable hard side panels. these cover the lower 1/2 of the bag and significantly reduce bulging, and give the bag a much cleaner shape and look. - Also significantly increase bag volume. I didn't think we'd like this feature, nor be able to do it in production- I was wrong on both accounts - it's sweet. 

Defiant Pack hard side panel

Width: The hard side panels open up the opportunity to make the bag a bit wider - especially at the bottom of the bag, and is driving some change in overall shape of the bag. We're running different widths for Road/Cross, Mountain, and Fat bikes. 

Pocket design: Pocket is progressively heading towards a horizontal bottom. Initially we always ran the pocket parallel with the top tube. The horizontal makes the pocket a little smaller (especially close to the seat tube on on bikes with steep top tube angles) but - it also prevents everything from accumulating in the low point.  We've also changed the design to eliminate stitching on the exterior face of the bag. Larger pockets will no longer be divided.

Bolt on Keyways: No more removing your bottle bolts to install the bag. - we're cutting the bolt holes with a keyway opening. Simply loosen the bolts, slide the bag on, and tighten them in place - sweet! - so much less fuss & struggle inside the bag with screws!

Padded Top Tube: We're adding a little bit of padding to the flap where it wraps over the top tube.  - this improves the bag's shape/fit and gives a little extra protection when stepping off the bike. 

Precision: we're getting an extremely high precision fit and shape. Our bags are more exact than ever before. (Special strategery involved!)  

Bladder hose exit point:  We've moved it all the way to the front of the bag, before it was a little further back before - it's better now.  

 Currently we're only applying this feature list to straight top tube hardtail/road frames.  We'll likely migrate these features to more complex shapes soon.

Cheers - Kevin

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