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Overland Air and Sea x Defiant Pack: Expedition ZIZ

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Meet Andrew! 

 Andrew Duran

After a 22,000km bikepacking trip in 2017, you could say Andrew had caught the bikepacking bug. This time around, Andrew plans on upping the adventure factor and swapping some saddle time for paddle time as he bikerafts though the Ziz river and Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Using Alpaka's new bikepackrafting specific Caribou packraft and a Surly Pugsley fatbike, Andrew will descending some 150+ miles through ancient river gorges, vast deserts, secluded oases, and amongst the cultures that inhabit these exotic landscapes. Ultimately, he hopes to create opportunity for the youth of Taos County as of way of giving back and leaving a legacy beyond the 15 day expedition. 

With the trip scheduled for October of 2018, Andrew will spend his summer preparing in his hometown of Taos NM, and the greater Southwest. You can keep up with these training mission and other excellent outings on his Instagram @Compast_Slant and of course, ours @Defiantpack.

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