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Local access

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Local access issues:  

Prince Creek:  Provide commentary by Jan 31st on a proposed new parking area at Prince Creek.  https://www.pitkinostprojects.com/prince-creek-road-trail-and-parking.html . The Prince Creek Trail has be extended ~1mile further down the road and a new parking lot will be coming sooon.

Mushroom Rock:  New land acquisition. https://www.aspendailynews.com/news/with-red-hill-deal-done-avlt-seeks-funds-for-management/article_70c1c494-f284-11e7-8624-fb11524ce733.html  Aspen Valley Land Trust is posed to acquire 25 acres at the bottom of the Mushroom Rock trail system. this will most assuredly result in ~1/2 mile of new trail from the parking lot to the trail system (which is currently only accessible by walking/riding the road)  

Carbondale- CrestedButte: The Crystal Valley Trail:  proposed trail from our doorstep to Crestedbutte. We're hoping this goes through in some fashion that includes soft surface and/or single track.  The debate is long from over.  https://www.pitkinostprojects.com/carbondale-to-crested-butte-trail-plan.html

Clear Creek Canyon:  Farther from home between Golden and Idaho Springs (Colorado). Its been really awesome to see the new trail go in over the last 2 years.  This corridor previously prohibited bikes on the roadway and was a major barrier to bike access from the front range into the mountains.  The new bike path should be opening up lots of trip ideas.  

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