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Defiant Pack x Guerrilla Gravity: Bags for the Bikepacking Hater

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Bags for the Bikepacking Hater

Here at Defiant Pack, we are no stranger to going fast. We love to smash berms and rail rock gardens, but more and more we find ourselves pushing uphill on “bikepacking specific” bikes. These are great, don't get me wrong, but taking a step back to design bags around Guerrilla Gravity’s line of full-suspension rigs rather than rigid hardtails has been flat-out fun. Forget what you know about bikepacking bags, and check out the next generation of trail ready tool kit holsters and snack storage hot of the design floor.

Guerrilla Gravity Top tube and NUTS Sack Bags

Photo: Deva Solomon

Our current bags revolve around two areas on the frame, the front triangle below the suspension and above the bottom bracket, and the intersection of the top tube and the seat tube. We have focused on these areas because it keeps weight low and centered on the bike, and for its ease of access without being cumbersome.

The Bottom Bag ie. "NUTS Sack": Mounting to GG’s proprietary “Necessities Under The Saddle” bracket, we've created 2 versions which are compatible with all sizes of GG full suspension bikes  (including MegaTrail, Trail Pistol, and Smash). Our two models have been designed around Coil-over vs Air-Canister suspensions.

As you can see, the Regular air-canister model is much larger, and attaches gently to the stationary exterior of the shock. Because the entire length of the coil compresses and contracts, the regular version is not compatible as it may become entangled within the coil.


  • Centerline zipper brings the zipper off the face of the bag, and hides it under a flap to keep it as far as possible from the grime.
  • Zipper is biased and accessed from the drive(right) side.
  • The 'regular' - the zipper is 'blind' behind the attachment, further increasing the overall security and durability of your stash.
  • Stiff plastic sides keep the load from bulging and interfering with the crank.
  • High visibility internal liner helps you find what you're looking for quickly.
  • Padded frame stips protect the contents of the bag keeping things kush and quiet.

Check out the Bottom Bags here


These are designed on a per frame size basis and are compatible with all the bike models of that frame size.  


  • Dropper post compatible, designed to maximize dropper post travel.
  • Stiff plastic sides keeping things inline between your legs.  
  • High visibility internal liner helping find what you're looking for.
  • Padded frame strips keep contests kush and quiet.
  • Zipper hood keeps the zipper pull hidden and clean.
  • Hook and Loop makes mounting the bag quick and bomber.

Check out the top tube bags here

Currently we are offering these in 3 color options, Black, Teal, and Green Camo. Custom colors and logos can be made available for an increase in cost and lead time. We are also happy to press your logo’s onto our bags!

Please reach out with any thoughts, comments, criticisms. In the meantime we will keep plugging away and dreaming of better bags on bigger bikes.

Cheers - Drew and Kevin

Cover photo: Jameson Florence 


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