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cruisin' the high country

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Can you please hold my baby while I get out for a ‘short’ ride??... I’ll be back tomorrow.  It’s a little bit more difficult getting out for ‘real’ riding as a new dad.  Ie. its hard to be gone for more than a few hours at a time. Slowly prior ambitious ideas seem unattainable. None the less... I managed to put a lap over Pearl Pass & through CrestedButte finally.  Between miniature people and sewing - its hard to get away. 

 Defiant Pack Pearl Pass ride 01

This was actually an abbreviated version of the ‘proper’ course.  What everyone should be attempting to ride is: from Defiant Pack’s front door as one interconnected loop:  up to Prince Creek –  1) Monte Carlo  trail to 2)CreekSide trail to 3)Hay park trail, 4) down Capital Creek road, up E Snowmass Creek, 5) up campground road and onward onto up Snowmass Ski area, 6)Across the Government Trail to Aspen, 7) up Aspen onto Richmond Ridge, 8) over Taylor & Star Pass 9) descent Teocali Ridge 10 ) lunch in CB, 11) Slate River trails to Paradise Basin 12) Schofield Pass and Leadking Loop to Marble 13) down Hwy 133 to Redstone 14) up Coal basin trail – 15) Thomson Creek Trail 16)  Lorax Trail 17) AND FINALLY down CR 108 back to Carbondale.

If you were feeling good while in CrestedButte, you could also add a circuit on  Deer Creek & 401 trail.  These are all legit trails, and you can find them on MTBproject

Got all that?? Yea, you probably want to bring some snacks and a sleeping bag! Guaranteed to firm up your buns. AND… If this is your mission – you are welcome to leave your car parked at our shop. We’ll be sure to have a warm beer waiting for you when you return.

a short night on Pearl Pass

Pearl Pass is an interesting nut to crack.  How is it that this ‘sh!tty’ steep jeep rode marks the advent of Mountain Biking?  How did this track of talus and granite boulders inspire what has become the sport? Pearl Pass to Crested Butte Panorama

In our modern era of perfectly constructed ‘Flow’ trails and buffed out single track – why ride the old mining roads like Pearl Pass?  Because they go places! – Because they cover a lot of territory and take you through wild places.  Reading the latest DirtRag Magaizine there is a great interview with Gary Fisher where he talks about these places and their influence in the design/development of the mountain bike. (find a hard copy – it is not online)

I’ve been rallying the newest Niner SIR9.  I’m not an expert in bike performance, geometry, components, etc.  but it is pretty obvious that this is many notches above what I’m accustomed to riding.   Ie. does the front fork really absorb taking baby heads at speed? Yea, no big deal.  I still have no idea why it mowed through miles & miles of rock garden jeep track so easily. don't think too hard about it - just ride!


CB was surprisingly quiet for a weekend at the end of August… practically no-one there! We last went over in late June for CB bike week.  At that point the 401 trail was still snowed in and not yet rideable. 8 weeks later and the seasons already over??  Hardly! – the leaves are now just starting to change – Fall riding is beautiful in the high mountains.  Hopefully there is a resurgence of passionate riders in late September/October. 

Defiant Pack Pearl Pass to CrestedButte




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